Finally,I failed to keep the start-up company running.

I am now back to working for another company,under the front-end position.I really really thank for the guys who gave me the help and even ask for nothing in return.

It’s been over half a year.

Taste the achivement( first quarter 2018 )

I quitted my job at the start of this year,with my teammates we trying to build a mobile-end exchange for people to exchange digital assets base on BlockChain. At the early time before we left the company,We always sitting together in the StarBucks working from early morning till late night.Finally we built our team and successfully we published our first version application base on BitShares as a mobile exchange in our website.
After the first moment we published our app,an investor found us and offer us a total valuation of 5,000,000 cny and trying to signing Stock Acquisition contract with us,but we refused as we think the value can be higher.

Lost Direction ( second quarter 2018 )